Advanced development of high-power LED street lamps

Compared with traditional street lamp lighting, high-power LED street lamp lighting can achieve 50% energy saving ratio, and with the continuous improvement of technology, it can even achieve 70-80%.

Now the factory on the basis of high power LED street light and intelligent control, in the lighting field can reduce 50% of the energy consumption, will step to expand the LED energy saving can effect comparing, gives customers more affordable.

So the intelligent control and application of high power LED street lamp lighting area, and there is a big promotion, in the field of high power lighting, it can be able to launch on a large scale the modularization street lamp intelligent control, and intelligent high-power LED street light also can realize to the elaboration to the intelligent control of the single lamp, this late maintenance for it to provide a great convenience.

The demand for high-power LED street lamp lighting will benefit from the pressure of governments of various countries to save energy and reduce emissions. Therefore, the demand for high-power LED street lamp will have a relatively large growth.

However, the emerging market of LED street lamp has great potential, but it still requires pragmatic and steady development and integration of the technical advantages of high-power lighting for global promotion.

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